Kunshan Chi Jie environmental protection energy saving vehicle development Co., Ltd.
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            Enterprise honorAgent franchiseSweepertechnical service
            Enterprise honorAgent franchiseSweepertechnical service


            About Us

            Kunshan Chi Jie environmental protection energy saving vehicle development Co., Ltd.

            Telephone: 0512-57060888

            Fax: 0512-55160855

            Mailbox: info@cloth4mine.com

            Address: Jiangsu city town of Kunshan City Road No. 333 weeks.


            Kunshan Chi Jie environmental protection and energy saving vehicle development Co., Ltd. is located in Kunshan, the head of China's top 100 counties. Is a collection of electric cleaning equipment, complete machine and accessories research and development, production in one of the specialized company.

            I invested a large amount of money, which lasted two and a half years, independent innovation research and development of electric dust cleaning products series in 2008. At present, Chi Jie launched the "hand push" and "driving type electric dust sweeper" product series, including 14 national [learn more]


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